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Value-added services that set HMA apart in Halal Certification

Consumers in contemporary culture are flooded with more and more providers to pick from than ever before, and suppliers of practically every product or service kind appear to be a dime a dozen. So, how can a company stay competitive and appealing to its clients when they have a variety of competitors all offering a similar product or services? It’s via adding value to the connection, and one-way businesses may do so by providing additional services that consumers would find helpful and complement their core services.

To you, what does “value-added service” imply? Why do you choose a pair of Nikes over an Adidas pair or one car brand over another? It is sometimes due to the image and reputation that the product possesses and imparts upon you. It should, however, be about the quality, flavor, appearance, or feeling you have. It becomes a question of brand loyalty after you appreciate all of the more progressive elements of your preferred companies.

Above all, the brand connection created translates to a unique “Value-add” idea in which the corporate brand provides you with outstanding prices and extra advantages. 

With years of experience creating reputation and trust, HMA stands out for the level of service and devotion we provide to current, new, and future clients. This results in long-term professional business connections.

The following are the value-added services that keep HMA customers loyal:

To ensure quick return times, HMA prioritizes and processes all client requests in a simplified way. HMA can assist you with all your meat halal issues and concerns outside of regular business hours. Top management monitors our direct and general email info@hmacanada.org. 

The Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA), Canada’s only certifying authority that monitors every stage of the process, is dedicated to integrating directly into current supply chains and collaborating with businesses interested in entering the booming halal market.

The HMA team comprises halal meat Toronto in-house scientists, ingredient specialists, and over 20 on-site inspectors who collaborate with internal R&D departments to help source and confirm each component in a product to prepare it for halal certification and consumer market entrance.

HMA management and key personnel will hold client conference call with everyone from C-Suite executives through Regulatory, Sales & Marketing, Procurement, QA, Operations, Project Managers, and Logistics Coordinators. Our service and support continue long after the original certification procedure is completed, keeping the client’s employees updated on global Halal market trends.

We not only assist clients with their projects, but we also encourage them to expand their horizons by teaching them about Global Certification and global markets. We attend, participate in, or lead worldwide Halal conferences, talks, and training sessions, giving us a truly global presence. These professional and personal encounters and exposure help clients’ enterprises reach new doors. The COVID-19 travel restrictions haven’t impeded or stopped us from doing interim remote desk audits for approved customers and sectors, as well as participating in online seminars and conferences. The potential for learning and sharing is endless.

The HMA is Canada’s only certification authority that works closely with businesses to ensure that they do it right the first time. Due to the trust element that comes with this logo on their packaging, specific HMA clients have witnessed a rise in sales. The HMA collaborates closely with firms to provide recommendations for changes and streamline procedures so that businesses may be confident in the products they provide to the Muslim community.

Our organization’s mission is to standardize halal food monitoring and certification in Canada and level the playing field in the sector. We execute a high-standard and rigorous procedure across the board.” Many factors do not come into play until after the initial inspection and may only be discovered during the run. HMA can indicate what needs to be altered since we have inspectors on the floor at all times.’ As the demand for halal products grows, Canada is becoming a significant market for suppliers, brands, and consumer packaged goods (CPG). According to Statistics Canada, the Muslim population will outnumber the Chinese Canadian market by the following year. Brands will scale up in the next years if they prepare and plan ahead of time.

The HMA is dedicated to providing Canadian Muslims with halal certification that meets the highest ethical and religious standards. The organization takes pleasure in assisting businesses with sourcing and best practices to develop true brand credibility among Muslims in Canada. Consumers may eat with confidence thanks to the HMA’s reputation since it is well recognized in the community that they only certify what they observe. This, together with the HMA’s stringent on-site monitoring procedures, boosts customer trust and eliminates any potential dangers or backlash that may arise from even a little blunder when preparing to join this market. The firm, which has offices in Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton, provides services to abattoirs, suppliers, foodservice outlets, and brands throughout Canada.

Visit www.hmacanada.org to learn more about the HMA. Contact the HMA via email (info@hmacanada.org) or telephone (1-855-462-1462)

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