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Over the years, the demand for Halal certified products has increased dramatically. In order to meet this demand, companies throughout the world are seeking authentic Halal certification to gain consumer confidence, expand their existing market and enhance sales strategies. Many companies continue to choose the HMA Halal certification and are enjoying the marketing privileges this certification offers. The HMA Halal symbol can open new marketing avenues never before accessed.

With the establishment of high standards and consumer confidence in HMA certified Halal, business organisations gain access to the vast marketing potential of Halal consumers on a global scale. HMA recognition also provides export opportunities to the global Halal market comprising of approximately 1.6 billion Halal consumers.

  • HMA monitoring imposes stringent private sanitation requirements in addition to manufacturing premise hygiene practices.
  • The unique HMA certification mark affixed on all certified products is a means of greater promotion and marketing purposes.
  • The assistance of the Halal Monitoring Authority by providing ongoing support and effective Halal marketing strategy.
  • The discharge of your responsibility in investigating and providing assurance of genuine Halal to the consumers in the era of excessive deceit and false labelling of Halal.
  • HMA certified products would be unanimously acceptable by all Muslims as stringent standards are implemented in its certification procedures including manual non-stunned or moritored slaughter.
  • Accreditation and certification is provided whilst maintaining the confidentiality of company trade and product details.
  • Canadian owned and operated non profit service.

HMA halal certification of Canada, works closely with the ‘Food Industry’ at all levels, including halal meat & poultry suppliers, food processors, manufacturers agents, retailers, butchers, restaurants and takeaways.

HMA is imploring, liasing and co-coordinating with and inviting all concerned who provide, trade, manufacture or supply to be aware of the fact that if their product is obtained and manufactured in accordance to the Islamic Shari`ah, there is an infinite opportunity to give the public the assurance of guaranteed Halal. Prior to certification of Halal, the Islamic covenants of honesty, cleanliness, virtuous conduct, good business codes as well as adherence to relevant health, food and hygiene laws are of paramount importance. Cohesion and compliance of Islamic requisites and provisions are also of similar significance.

HMA does require the provider to enter into an “agreement and contract” so as to be mutually beneficial. Providers gain from enhanced trade and the Muslim community readily obtains what is required by their religious principles.


Please note that HMA logo is a registered trademark / certification mark. The HMA devices: labels, tapes, stamps, ties etc. remain the property of HMA. All rights are reserved.

HMA does not licence or permit any organisation or company to use the HMA logo / trademark on any printed or electronic media. The HMA acquired the logo tradmark to protect the symbol of HMA. Unauthorized use of the HMA logo / trademark can lead to legal action for infringement.

Certified companies may apply to the HMA in writing for the use of HMA logos / trademark mark on their printed material, websites etc. Terms and conditions will apply. Upon approval, HMA will provide the correct form of the HMA certification logo. Please contact the HMA office to request for an application form.

No part of this site may be reproduced or transmitted in any form of by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without prior written permission by the HMA of CCMT.


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