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Halal Certification: Is It Mandatory In Canada?

Buying Halal meat and other items is a daily need for customers concerned about adhering as closely as possible to their religious dietary restrictions. Due to a rise in health-conscious consumers, manufacturers are now more careful about including more “good” components in their goods, making it simpler than ever to choose a product. The existence of a halal certificate is evidence that the food item was processed in line with Islamic law. Halal is the Arabic word for lawful. A food product’s HALAL certification in Canada is evidence that it doesn’t include any haram components. A halal food certification shows the consumer in the documentation that the meal was prepared in line with sharia law.

HMA Canada offers this market more options labeled as “Halal” and “Halal certified.” Consumer demand is the first step in this process, influencing product owners and manufacturers to seek Halal certification for their halal meat Toronto. As a result, there is a necessity for a large supply chain network of Halal-certified ingredients to satisfy the needs of manufacturers who can subsequently provide customers with the finished Halal goods. The food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and logistics sectors’ goods, processes, and services are all subject to halal certification by the HALAL monitoring authority, an objective and impartial certifying agency.

HMA Canada provides our services in a manner that is consumer-protective and by international standards. We have a sizable network of technically skilled and experienced personnel, lead auditors for halal certifications, and Islamic experts trained to conduct halal audits and certifications per sharia requirements, halal standards, and nation-specific halal regulations. How can consumers know their purchases are indeed Halal once the Halal production procedure is complete? Sometimes the issue is brought on by the absence of an obvious “Halal certified” logo on product labels. Therefore, even if a product has a Halal certification, the consumer won’t profit if the Halal status isn’t obvious. When those now-common trademarks appear, shoppers who are seeking for organic, non-GMO, or vegan items will recognize them and purchase them!

The following reasons you require a Halal Certification label on your product packaging depend on this.

It’s Fundamental.

Each organization is aware of the need for a Halal mark on product packaging following the Halal certification procedure as part of the terms and conditions of the service agreement with Halal Monitoring Authority Canada. 

For clients’ marketing design teams to create their product labels, HMA Canada offers comprehensive visual design guidance and the HMA Halal logos. Additionally, HMA CANADA offers the value-added service of posting client company logos and links to their websites on its website that are Halal certified. It informs HMA website visitors and Halal-conscious customers about their business’s certification and product requirements.

Recoup Your Investment

Not including a Halal mark on certified items would be ineffective. The best way to complete the Halal certification process is to proudly display the Halal mark with all of its benefits for everyone to see. Companies may compete against non-certified items on the worldwide market by displaying the Halal certification and emblem.

Purchase ease for customers.

You are removing a barrier to purchase for customers who are considering your brand. The typical Halal consumer may not have time to check a website or contact the manufacturer while shopping to see whether “questionable” components are genuinely Halal if a product label lists them.

Consider the component gelatin as an example. A Halal consumer will infer that a product contains pork if it has gelatin as a component and there is no indication that the gelatin is from fish or plants. Without this explanation and a Halal mark, people may disregard your brand from now on if your product contains gelatin obtained from Halal sources like fish, plants, or Halal slaughtered meat. Even if it is not Halal certified like yours, the customer may just switch to another product brand and examine the contents list. Simply including a Halal logo on the packaging might prevent this.

Don’t be afraid to sell your goods in the buying market to the utmost extent. Lead your customers to the world of Halal certification and its numerous advantages to getting an edge on your rivals. Although Halal certification has been around for a while and is recognized everywhere, Islam is also expanding, which results in more Muslims and more people buying Halal products. As a result, new possibilities exist to inform consumers and win their brand loyalty.

We should be aware that consumers are looking for Halal products and carefully research product labels before making purchases. Why should they only seek for labels that say “Kosher” when they might also check for labels that say “Halal”? Just keep giving them choices by putting the Halal emblem on your product packaging. After laying the foundations, you may now build on them.

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