HMA has adopted such a criterion for Halal slaughter that is accepted by all, irrespective of sects and schools of thought. In other words, the most stringent guidelines have been adopted to ensure for universal acceptability and so that the consumable is Halal according to everyone and not just one group.
Therefore the ideal solution is that such a path be adopted that caters for all, not just the majority or any particular group or school of thought. While this may seem difficult it is neither impractical nor unattainable. Both theoretically and practically a “middle-way” must be adopted by the Monitoring group.

In theory the method to adopt that would be all inclusive would be to accommodate only those decisions that are permissible for all, not just those that create lee-ways for a specific group. This is easier than it sounds. The reason is that there are no situations where a certain item would be necessary on one and forbidden on another, but rather an item may be permissible for one group and impermissible for another. In which case the solution is to accommodate the view of impermissibility, as because neither the former are committing any wrong by being made to follow this more precautionary ruling, nor are the latter (for whom the item was impermissible) being subject to rules that do not accommodate them.

Hence, the most important factors of the criteria are:

  • No stunning for red meat
  • Low voltage electrical stunning for poultry
  • Manually hand slaughtered by a Muslim.  No mechanical slaughter allowed.
  • Verbal recitation of Allah’s name
  • Ensuring the Esophagus, Trachea and Jugular veins are severed

Another reason for HMA adopting the most stringent guidelines is that the Jurists have derived a principal from the shari`ah that الاصل فى الاشياء الاباحة وفى اللحوم الحرمة Everything is permissible and Halal except those items which are clearly proven to be prohibited and Haram. On the contrary, all meat of animals is HARAM unless clearly proven to be Halal. We find from this that we need to be extra cautious in certifying as well as purchasing anything from anywhere.