HMA – Halal Monitoring Authority – is a department of the Jami’yyatul Ulama Canada, Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians (CCMT), which is a federally Canadian registered, non-profit organization. HMA is a body that has been established to monitor, inspect and certify halal products.

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The Halal Monitoring Authority inspectors will be physically present to regulate, monitor, inspect at every point consumables from their sources, to the consumer. All inspected and monitored products will be labelled and/or stamped by HMA inspectors. Through this we will be able to overcome the many doubtful issues arising in our daily diet and as a result we will be able to provide the public the reassurance of guaranteed Halal products.



The Halal Monitoring Authority aims solely to serve the Muslim public as far as their basic needs of eating Islamically suitable foods. Our aim is to start off with the raw meat industry and thereafter move on to as many different food industries as possible with the aim of providing Muslims with peace of mind and security regarding their foods. We believe it is only right for the hard earned Halal wealth of our Muslim community to be spent on genuine Halal sustenance. Thus we consider it our duty to serve the Ummah.