Problems Discovered In The Industry

HMA’s Managerial body is run by a qualified panel of Ulama (Muslim Theologians) with professional experts in the field of nutrition & food science. This board appointed by the Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians (CCMT) to ensure that the project is run correctly according to Shariah (Islamic Jurisprudence) and at the same time remains cost effective.

CCMT Shura Governing Board Members

Name City Position
Imam Shaikh Abdullah Kapodrawee Toronto – Ameer of CCMT Ameer
Imam Shaikh Yusuf Patel Brampton – Head Imam of Islamic Society of Peel Governing Board
Imam Shaikh Kasim Ingar Scarborough – Head Imam of Scarborough Muslim Association Governing Board
Imam Shaikh Faizanul Haq Mississauga – Head Imam of Alnadwa Islamic Educational Centre Governing Board