HMA Certification Application – Non-Meat Products

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    • I / We** understand that by virtue of this application, I must return the completed application form together with a non-refundable application fee of $200.00 (Two Hundred Canadian Dollars) to: HMA, by cheque or directly into HMA's account : TD Canada Trust, East York Town Centre, 45 Overlea Boulevard Toronto, ON. M4H 1C3. Alternatively, for email transfer send to:
      Account: 0633-5232498, Branch Code: 18282 Please fax deposit slip to: 416 981 3247 for confirmation and record purposes.
    • I / We** understand that this is only an application to use the HMA’s Halal Certification Mark and the attached
      application fee of $200.00 does not constitute an approval by the HMA.
    • I / We** accept liability of the reasonable travel and administration costs of a preliminary inspection by HMA.
    • I / We** understand that an initial audit inspection will only be undertaken by the HMA provided the ‘Initial
      Audit Authorization Form’ is completed and submitted to the HMA (see form below).
    • I / We** understand that after the initial audit, a security deposit of any amount not exceeding $3,000.00 will be
      required to further process the application. The amount will be decided by the HMA board.
    • I / We** understand that by virtue of this application I / we** duly authorise HMA where necessary and in
      their sole discretion to approach other recognised Muslim Authorities or any supplier or manufacturer of any equipment or other peripherals used by the applicant to verify its conformity with the CRITERIA set by HMA.

    HMA Initial Audit Inspection
    Check here if you accept the terms of HMA's Initial Audit Inspection