HMA halal certification of Canada, works closely with the ‘Food Industry’ at all levels, including halal meat & poultry suppliers, food processors, manufacturers agents, retailers, butchers, restaurants and takeaways.

HMA is imploring, liasing and co-coordinating with and inviting all concerned who provide, trade, manufacture or supply to be aware of the fact that if their product is obtained and manufactured in accordance to the Islamic Shari`ah, there is an infinite opportunity to give the public the assurance of guaranteed Halal. Prior to certification of Halal, the Islamic covenants of honesty, cleanliness, virtuous conduct, good business codes as well as adherence to relevant health, food and hygiene laws are of paramount importance. Cohesion and compliance of Islamic requisites and provisions are also of similar significance.

HMA does require the provider to enter into an “agreement and contract” so as to be mutually beneficial. Providers gain from enhanced trade and the Muslim community readily obtains what is required by their religious principles.