HMA Certification Costs & Fees

HMA is a non profit organization and it’s objective is to serve the community. However, to operate such an enormous system without costs and overheads in nonsensical. Therefore fees are applied to the businesses wishing to be monitored & certified.
It must be kept in mind that every effort is made to keep the fees as nominal as possible and is only to cover the cost of the operations of HMA. The plant / facility would have to be assessed by HMA in terms of their amount of production, size of plant, number of inspectors needed etc. before finalising the service charge.

Below is the general ruling on charging:

Meat Stores Restaurants & Takeaways
For meat stores and retailers, a monthly fee anywhere between $150 (depending on the size of the facility) is applied to cover the cost of monitors, travel and equipment.

Abattoirs / Slaughter Plants/ Meat Processing Plants
Abattoirs, slaughter plants & meat processing plants are charged for the salary of the hours of the inspectors at $14.50 per hour. A monthly administration cost of anywhere between $250 (depending on the size of the facility) per month is charged to cover costs related to equipment, labels, stamps and administration.

Non Meat Manufacturing Facilities
Non meat manufacturing facilities are charged anywhere between $300 per month (depending on the size of the facility) to cover cost of monitoring, supervision, travel and administration.

Impact on the Halal Consumer
Based upon our nominal fees charged to the Halal industry, the consumer will only be impacted by a few cents (3 or 4 cents) when purchasing HMA certified products. If the retailers/ suppliers charge more than this amount, then this is the ill practice of the retailer or business.